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Over 10,0000 MSPs and Partners trust PartnerOn to discover new vendors, improve their selling, engage with customers and drive new business.

Apply to be a PartnerOn Select Vendor

Join top vendors and ISVs such as AWS, HP, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Red Hat, VMware, and apply to become a PartnerOn Select Vendor. Do not miss this unique opportunity to promote your company with our revenue producing MSPs.

Introduce your brand to new resellers to expand your channel sales pipeline 

Access our audience of over 10,000 MSPs with engagement rates of 40% to generate a steady flow of Marketing Qualified Leads every month. 

How do I qualify?

Fill out the this form to apply to the PartnerOn Select program. We will then schedule a call to determine your eligibility and review how the program works.   

What you get? 

  • Access to thousands of active MSPs who build solutions and promote products using PartnerOn - our streaming content platform where new content arrives every week.
  • Recruitment messaging and form capture for signing up new partners
  • Presentation of training and/or sales materials
  • Distribution of customer facing marketing campaigns to generate thousands of impressions via blog, social, and email. 
  • Promotion to the full partner list in the Monday Digest and Friday Highlights emails.
  • Listing in the vendor directory.
  • Reports on active partners, engagement and MQLs
  • A dedicated week in a targeted content stream to access the PartnerOn resellers - then start building your own following with a streaming content channel of your own.

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